MDIR's 2019 Season Schedule is Hot Off the Press!
Get Yours at Speed Unlimitedís Presidentís Day Sale on Monday, Feb 18!

The 2019 season schedules will be hot off the press, delivered to the ďIn-Stock Speed ShopĒ and ready for the doors to open on Monday, February 18th at 9:00 am for Speed Unlimitedís 52nd Annual Presidentís Day Sale. The sale will last until 9pm each day. Itís the one that people talk about all year long - the one you donít want to miss. If you're looking for performance, trust the experts at Speed Unlimited (located at 4771 Allentown Road in Morningside, Maryland). Got questions? Call Speedís Customer Service Hotline at 301-420-2727.

So be sure to drop in on Sunday and Monday, pick up your new 2019 MDIR season schedule and take advantage of the amazing Speed Unlimited Presidentís Day Sale. Don't miss it!