Perfect Diamond for Perfect Racers


October 1, 2018

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR




Rick’s Jewelers, located at 22595 Three Notch Rd in California, MD, has been gracious enough to offer a fantastic program to sportsman racers that race at Maryland International Raceway. And that program is an opportunity for a racer to receive an extravagant diamond ring.

A sportsman racer’s goal on the track is to be perfect; meaning a racer has a .000 reaction time and going dead-on-0 on the dial-in. Rick’s Jewelers rewards MDIR’s Speed Unlimited ET Series racers for being perfect. If a driver is able to accomplish one of those two feats, that driver receives a Diamond Point. If they are able to accomplish both feats, that driver receives two Diamond Points. A racer needs six points in order to receive one of the most impressive prizes in drag racing. That prize is a certified full one-carat diamond solitaire ring! The retail value of this ring is an astonishing $9,600!

Defending Mod ET champion Tony Mattera was able to take home the ring in 2017 from Mod ET. Brent Martin won back in 2016 in the final event of the season while running in Top ET. Back-to-back defending Top ET Champion Mike Nelson Jr was able to receive the ring back in 2015. A Junior Dragster won the ring in 2007. Nick Chiles was able to make that happen and is the first and only Junior Dragster driver to win the Ring for the Queen program.

This year, Mother Nature has plagued racetracks up and down the east coast. It is impressive to say that there are still a few drivers who are in the hunt to win this prestigious program. Jason Kirby, who runs in Top ET at MDIR’s Speed Unlimited ET Series, currently sits at three Diamond Points. There are two other drivers who also have three Diamond Points. Those drivers are Danny Mattera, who runs Top ET, and the “Mayor of Budds Creek” Charlie Yingling who runs in the Top ET program as well.

If there are no racers able to collect 6 Diamond Points in a class before the last points event of the season, the ring will still be awarded to the racer with the most Diamond Points in a class. If there is a tie with two or more drivers for the most Diamond Points, then the points Tie Breaker system will be used to determine the winner. Diamond Points cannot be combined if a driver runs in multiple points classes.

There are still two races to go and plenty of time for a racers to reach the 6 Diamond Point goal and to secure the Rick’s Jewelers Ring for the Queen! These two races are Saturday and Sunday October 6th and 7th at the Speed Unlimited ET Series, running in conjunction with the Superchargers Showdown on Saturday.