Midnight Madness Grand Champion


October 2, 2019

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (October 2nd, 2019) The 2019 Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness season started off in similar fashion to the 2018 season, with rain. As the season wore on, the weather and racing would continue to get better. At the end of the year, 4 champions would stand above the rest.

Pro Street and Super Street participants race each other until one racer is standing from each class. These two racers then race each other to determine who the Grand Champion will be. The final in Pro Street came down to Kevin Williams and veteran Steve Cross Sr. Cross would end up taking the win over Williams to be one the two cars in the Runoff. In Super Street, the final pair would be Matthew Mooreman and Jermaine Proctor. Proctor was able to take the win over Mooreman to be the other run off car. Mooreman however, would go on to be the class winner for Super Street at the end of the night and qualify himself for the 2020 Run-off.

The Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion Run-off would be set. Steve Cross Sr. would be facing Jermaine Proctor for the championship. Proctor would put up a valiant effort but Cross would be left standing at the end of the day and be crowned your Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion. But, that was not enough for Cross. He would roll over into the remaining rounds in Pro Street competition. Everything seemed to go right for Cross as he would end up going to the final to face Tom Pennell. In the end Cross would double up being the Grand Champion and the event winner! Steve Cross Sr. previously won the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Championship in 2008.

The Mobile Lab Racing Motorcycle Championship race had five riders at the start of the night. It would be an all Proctor final as Francis Proctor Jr and Rafaelle Proctor would face each other in the Run-off final. Rafaelle Proctor would take the win and secure the Championship. The final for the class would be between now Champion Proctor and 2018 Champion Deshaye Mahoney. Proctor would try to do the same as D.D. Mahoney and Deshaye Mahoney had done in 2017 and 2018, win the championship and the race in the same night. However, Mahoney would take the class win and qualify himself for the 2020 Run-off.

The Hollyrock Custom Diesel Shootout would run a different format in 2019. In previous years, this series would run with the same format as Pro Street and Super Street. In 2019, the series would run a points format similar to the Speed Unlimited ET Series. AJ Jenkins and Andrew Grant would fight all season for the points lead in a great back and forth battle. Jenkins came into the night with an 11 point advantage over Grant. One round could change everything. Jenkins would be eliminated in the first round leaving the door open for Grant. Grant would win first round to trail by 1 point, then win second round to take the points lead. Grant would be eliminated in the fourth round of competition but would still become the first ever Hollyrock Customs and Winegardner Auto Group Diesel Champion. Aaron Nelson would take the class win to qualify for the 2020 Run-off.

The Ray's Siding No Clock Street List had a great second season. Steve Willingham would start the night as the #1 driver. Billy Lackey would surprise many by beating Willingham after both drivers blew the tires off the line. Lackey would then hold off Willingham later to defend the #1 spot. Willingham would end up hurting the motor on the pass. In a surprise turn of events, Willingham would willingly give up his #2 spot to a waiting and thankful Robbie Padgett to give Padgett an opportunity to call out #1 Lackey. On the last run of the night, all eyes were on the pair waiting to see who would be the #1 driver at the end of the night. Lackey would end up having problems and Padgett would go on a great pass to take the number one spot on the last pass of the year! Robbie Padgett will be the #1 driver and Champion in the Ray's Siding No Clock Street List. Former List racer Chris Craig would make his first appearance of the season and win the Shootout.

Congratulations to all of our class winners and class champions for 2019! We hope to see all of you back in 2020 for another stellar season of racing with the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness series!