Anthony Whelan Wins Ring for the Queen


October 14, 2019

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (October 14th, 2019) The Rick's Jewelers Ring for the Queen is one of the most unique and innovative programs held for ET Racers at MDIR. Each time a ET Series racers is perfect on either end of the track, .000 reaction time or dead on the dial with a zero, he/she will earn a Diamond Point. For the last decade, Rick Norris and his team at Rick's Jewelers have not cut back on the full one-carat ladies diamond solitaire ring. This year, Top ET racer Anthony Whelan was able to win the Ricks Jewelers Ring for the Queen with 5 points. Whelan had the most points at the end of the season. Robbie Parlett, Lindy Herman, Mickey Nelson, and Jake Milstead all finished with 4 points each. Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster driver Tori Tayman finished the season with 3.