First Midnight Madness of 2020

June 15, 2020

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR




The first Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness of the year brought a much-needed Friday night of racing for our street only racers to Maryland International Raceway (MDIR). With racers lined up outside the gate two hours before they opened, it was sure to be a great night. The racing was stellar from the beginning of first round to the last pair of finals to go down the track.

The final in Pro Street came down to the 2009 Dodge Challenger of Jerry Mason of Brandywine, MD and the 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner of Gary Moorman of Mechanicsville, MD. Mason would take the win with Moorman taking the runner-up spots after breaking out at the top end of the racetrack.

In Super Street, we would see the 2013 Hyundai Elantra of Jake Milstead from Mechanicsville, MD taking on the 1981 Chevrolet C10 of Shawn Marlow from Clements, MD. Milstead and Marlow would put on a great race with Marlow taking the win. Milstead would be runner up.

With the Bracket Bike Racing Motorcycle, Jordan Stacy from Elkton, MD riding his 2019 Suzuki would face Lenny Proctor from Waldorf, MD riding his 2014 Kawasaki. Stacy would take the win over Proctor as Proctor would go -.014 on the reaction time at the tree.

The Hollyrock Customs Diesel Shootout saw 2019 defending champion Andrew Grant with his 2006 Chevrolet Silverado from Mechanicsville, MD taking on Aaron Nelson driving his 2007 Chevrolet Silverado from Great Mills, MD. Nelson would take the win over the defending champion with Grant taking the runner up spot.

MDIR added a non- judged car show to the event. Cade Brosky was selected as the Best Appearing Car in the Pits with his custom-built Super Rambler. This car has an amazing story with its build and all the pieces that came together for it to happen. Thank you to all who came out and we can't wait to see more!