The 2020 WCF Minimum ETs
Are Now Posted Online!


July 9, 2020

   Story courtesy of:  MBP



Pre-registration for WCF Racers will once again open the week after Labor Day in 2 different stages!

Stage 1 Racer Pre-Registration Opens Wed, Sept 9th
Stage 2 Racer Pre-Registration Opens Fri, Sept 11th

The 1st stage is for the fastest cars in the class to get in early first and the 2nd stage is for next fastest cars to get in. Many classes last year sold out in just a few minutes, so make sure you stay current with news and updates so you are prepared.

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At the time of Pre-Registration after Labor Day, you will post a YouTube or Facebook link showing video proof of your car running the Minimum ET with the scoreboards on. You may also upload a qualifying sheet or ladder with your name on it showing your car has passed the Minimum ET. We do not accept time slips as they can be from anyone's car. This Minimum ET process is done so we can weed out slower cars that try to pre-register for WCF.

The 2020 WCF Rulebook will be posted by Aug 31st and Spectator Tickets and Pit Parking Passes will be sold on Sept 14th.