Midnight Madness Grand Champion

October 26, 2020

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (October 26, 2020) –  The 2020 Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness season was filled with turmoil with things such as a worldwide pandemic, cancellations, and rain. Stellar car counts and fierce competition made up for everything that attempted to set the season back. At the end of the Grand Championship Runoff, three champions would stand above the rest.

Pro Street, Super Street, and Hollyrock Customs Diesel Shootout event winners from 2020 and the final race in 2019, would race each other until one racer is standing from each class. These three racers then race each other to determine who the Grand Champion will be. The final in Pro Street came down to Brenden Quade and Steve Cross Jr. Quade would end up taking the win over Cross Jr. to be one the three vehicles in the Runoff. In Super Street, the final pair would be Keith Burch and Brandon Marlow. Burch was able to best Marlow to be the second vehicle. The Hollyrock Customs Diesel Shootout final came down to Hunter Levin and Andrew Grant with Levin advancing to the runoff and be the final vehicle.

The Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion Run-off would be set. Brenden Quade, Keith Burch, and Hunter Levin would face each other for the championship. Keith Burch would get the bye run leaving former Midnight Madness champion Brendan Quade and Hunter Levin to race each other to head to the final. Quade would take the round win for him and Burch to race each other. We would see Burch put up a valiant effort, but Quade would have a perfect light and run dead on eight to his dial-in to be the final driver left standing at the end of the runoff and be crowned your 2020 Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion! This is Quade’s second Midnight Madness Grand Championship. He last won the Championship in 2018.

The Bracket Bike Racing Matters Motorcycle Championship race had four riders at the start of the night. Jeff Sweeney and Jordan Stacy would face each other in the Run-off final. Jordan Stacy would take the win and secure the Championship. The final for the class would be between now Champion Stacy and Nicholas Rothwell. Stacy would try to do the same as D.D. Mahoney and Deshaye Mahoney had done in 2017 and 2018, win the championship and the race in the same night. Stacy would pull off the victory to take the class win, qualify himself for the 2021 Run-off, and secure the 2020 Bracket Bike Racing Matters Motorcycle Grand Championship.

The Ray's Siding No Clock Street List had a great third season. D.D. Mahoney would come into the race with the points lead with Robbie Padgett and Dominic Emelio within striking distance of the championship. As Mahoney would begin to stage the car for first round, officials noticed that Mahoney would have a transmission leak and would be backed off the starting line. With Mahoney not being able to make first round, this opened the door for both Padgett and Emelio. These two racers would end up racing each other in the final with Padgett taking the win on the night for this third points victory of the year. Robbie Padgett is the 2020 Champion in the Ray's Siding No Clock Street List.

Congratulations to all the class winners and class champions for 2020! We hope to see all of you back in 2021 for another stellar season of racing with the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness series!




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