Tull Plumbing Adds Bonus to Select ET Races

March 24th, 2021

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (March 15, 2021) Tull Plumbing returns in 2021 to Maryland International Raceway (MDIR) and the 1320 Fabrication ET Series coming into the 2021 season. Tull Plumbing is stepping up and adding a bonus to Top ET at three 1320 Fabrication ET Series races this year. On Saturday, May 22nd, Sunday, May 23rd, and Saturday, July 10th at Jet Wars, Tull Plumbing is adding $2,000 to the winner in Top ET at these races with no additional entry fee. With the Tull Plumbing bonus, these races will be $5k to win on the standard $85 entry!

With this bonus being added, this will bring 15 races for Top ET drivers to run for $5k! Top ET Racers be sure to come out and race for the bonus purse as MDIR will be the place to race in 2021!

In addition to the bonuses in Top ET at these selected races, Tull Plumbing will also add an additional $2,000 bonus to the 1320 Fabrication ET Series Champions at the end of the 2021 season. Top ET will have an additional $1,000 added to their Championship Points Fund. Mod ET will have an additional $500, and Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragsters will also have an additional $500 added to their total at the end of the season.

Thank you to Tull Plumbing for adding this bonus to the selected races and the Championship Points Fund! Also be sure to thank Tony Tull of Tull Plumbing for adding this bonus to your series!

Information for the May 22nd and May 23rd weekend can be found HERE

Information for the July 10th Jet Wars race can be found HERE (Event page to come)




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We are excited about having spectators back at MDIR and we cannot wait to see you all soon! We have missed you!

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