Ultimate Garage Repainting World Championship Winning Car

October 4th, 2021

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (October 4th, 2021) – Ultimate Garage owner Barney Squires has generously offered to restore Bunny Burkett’s World Championship winning car that currently sits on top of the Hot Rodz Diner. While proceeds from the Superchargers Showdown will pay for materials, Squires is kindly donating his time to complete the restoration of the famed funny car. The original paint job on Bunny’s car was completed in the 1980’s and was redone by Squires, with guidance by Bunny herself, before the car was placed atop the Hot Rodz diner almost 12 years ago.

“I am all for having the chance to restore the car again.” Squires stated. “Royce and I have gone back a long way and anything I can do to help keep Bunny’s legacy going is something I am up for. I’m looking forward to redoing her car again. Bunny was more than just a female driver in drag racing, she was an icon in this sport.”

Squires has been in business for over 35 years and has painted street cars and cars in professional motorsports such as Indycar, NASCAR, Drag Racing, and other forms of motorsports throughout the years. Painting cars for names such as Joe Gibbs, Bunny Burkett, Scotty Cannon, Robert Patrick, and more.

A significant portion from the tickets sold at the Superchargers Showdown will go to Bunny’s favorite charities and to the cost restoration of her car. We cannot thank Ultimate Garage and Barney Squires enough for graciously restoring a World Championship winning car back to its former glory in honor of the iconic Bunny Burkett.