Superchargers Showdown Post Race

October 6th, 2021

   Story courtesy of:  MDIR



MECHANICSVILLE, MARYLAND (October 6th, 2021) – The 36th Annual Superchargers Showdown at Maryland International Raceway (MDIR) was one of the most memorable events of 2021. From the Bunny Burkett Tribute, intense racing, and records set, there was no shortage of action all weekend long.

The Tribute to Bunny Burkett was a touching one fitting for the former Funny Car World Champion. Racers from all over the US would arrive to pay their respects to the former First Lady of Funny Car. During opening ceremonies, Royce Miller (COO of IRGSE and General Manager of MDIR), Bill Pratt of Draglist, dozens of Bunny's family and crew members, and both of her funny cars would arrive on the starting line before things would go underway for the 6pm Pro Session. Royce and Bill would swap storied and share touching memories before a moment of silence as both funny cars would be pulled down the track. These drivers who arrived for the tribute donated their time, gas money, food, hotels, parts, and running expenses to get to Budds Creek to show their love of Bunny Burkett. Jagger Naves, son of long time Top Alcohol Funny Car driver Bill Naves of Shooting Star Motorsports, and promoter with Earth Shaking Entertainment, would be an integral piece to putting this amazing tribute together. During the first session of the Tribute, announcers Christopher Higgins and Bill Pratt stated over the PA system that packed in the parachutes in both of Bunny’s cars were the ashes of Bunny Burkett. These were placed there in a ceremony earlier in the afternoon by her daughter Julie Burkett. Bunny's last wishes were that her ashes be spread at the top end of Maryland International Raceway, and that's precisely what happened on this run. Chris and Bill would make the announcement about the ashes and would then remain silent for Bunny’s Last Ride until after the chutes deployed. The moment of silence was a moving tribute to Bunny and was another touching moment to the iconic Burkett. For a full recap of the Tribute and information on each pass, please see the Tribute Recap.

The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association brings a field of Pro Mods to multiple events at Maryland International Raceway (MDIR). At this years Superchargers Showdown 22 Pro Mods would show up for the event, and 20 Pro Mods would fight it out for the 16 car field. We would see Mike Decker Jr take the number qualifying spot while resetting his own Pro Mod Track MPH record running 209.59 MPH. His previous was 209.10 MPH that he ran at the Atomizer Racing Injector Door Wars presented by ATI Performance Products. The 3.647 by Decker Jr would also be low ET of the weekend. Great side by side racing on Sunday would bring plenty of excitement with each driver trying to out do the next. In the end Fred Scriba with his Nitrous aided 1969 Chevrolet Camaro name the Sorcerer would take on Tyler Hard with his 1968 Procharged Chevrolet Camaro in the finals. Tyler Hard would be .042 on his reaction time (R/T) and run a 3.771 at 202.76 MPH in the final to take the win over Scriba who would be -.006 on his R/T.

The Warriors Outlaw presented by 1320 Fabrication had another jaw dropping event. The first big surprise was 30 cars showing up to race in the field and put a time on the board. Friday night qualifying would bring monster wheelstands and a new ET track record. Tim Barton was the early favorite to be the number one qualifier after running an eye popping 4.10 in Testing Friday. However, Kameron Lohmeyer would take the number 1 qualifying spot running an astonishing 4.155 at 176.35 to officially take the track record. After qualifying was completed, for the first time in Warriors Outlaw history, there would be a total of 4 fields racing. Each field would be on an 8 car ladder. But the excitement would not stop here. Tight racing would be the name of the game all the way to the final in all four classes. The biggest surprise was in the final in the A field. Kameron Lohmeyer and Tim Barton would arrive in the final with put on a show. These two would put on the quickest side by side pass in Warriors Outlaw history and Lohmeyer would set a new ET track record, class record, and be the first to reach the 4.0’s. Lohmeyer would run a 4.090 at 176.95 MPH and Barton would run a 4.108 at 175.21 MPH. Eric Smith would win the B field over Tink Liptrap, Tony Oliveira would win the C field over Keith Omanesian, and Jorge Fretts would take the win in the D field over Jacob Zalac.

Josh Graham with the Hanna Motorsports owned Eastern Raider Jet Dragster and Dawn Perdue with the Scott Arriaga owned Wicked Sinsation Jet Dragster would run side by side in a match race. Graham would finally be able to join the elusive 300 mph zone on the first pass of the night! He had been 299 multiple times but had not quite been able to get over the hump. Perdue would have issues on her run and on the second run be able to run just over 289 as she also continues her run to the 300 MPH zone.

In the Sportsman categories, Don Teague would be the number 1 qualifer in Top Sportsman running a 4.283 at 164.97 MPH and James Harris would win the class on Sunday taking out Buddy McGowan in the final. With the 1320 Fabrication ET Series on Saturday, Kevin Banks would win Top ET, Jason Kirby in Mod ET, Jessi Tayman would win the Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragsters, and Isaiah Barnes would be the Junior Dragster Beginner winner. On Sunday, Patrick Estevez Jr would win Top ET, Kevin Mendenhall would win Mod ET, Gagye Farrell won Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster, and Danica Dustin would be the Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster Beginner Winner.